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FOR HIM is from the foothills of the Smokey mountain of East Tennessee.

The Group was formed in June 2001 as a Trio, Elbert Griffith singing Lead, Terry Farrow singing Baritone and Tony Walton singing Bass. Soon after the group came together Elbert was diagnosed with cancer and was going to need to be off some. We asked Dennis Queen long time friend of Terry to come and help with the group. After Elbert came back Dennis started singing Tenor and has been part of the group ever since. In 2008 Tony Walton was diagnosed with cancer also, knowing that he would be off the road for a while we asked Dennis Queen son Ryan Queen to come and sing Terry’s part as Terry would drop and sing bass. God is good and Tony has gone through a time of healing and returned singing with the group for about 2 years. At the end of 2010 Tony retired from the group and we wish him the best with all our love.

 The First singing for the group was at Mission Baptist Church in Knoxville on July 29 2001 and we have not stopped since. From that time until now For Him believes God has placed them together to bring the word of God to people through music. With the support of great friends like Squire Parsons, Mike Torrence, & Sam Parsons of the Squire Parsons Trio,

Conrad Cook and Calvary Echols & Mike Shelby of Eternal Vision. For Him now sings all over Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky and the South East.


We have been blessed to sing with some of the great gospel singers of all times like the Wilburns

We will be Singing on Oct 7th at 11:AM 

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